Higher interest rates than your bank account

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Have HEX money generate interest

This is how you unlock the requested HEX (like in the animation)

  1. Visit the exchange portal portal.hexsparen.com
  2. Click the fox symbol, enter your password, click “LOGIN” and click the fox symbol to clear the view.
  3. Click “Show All Transform Lobbies”, go to the bottom of the page, then as far to the right as possible and back up to the top of the page.
  4. Click the black field “EXIT” and in the new area the blue field “Confirm”.

Perfect! Within one minute you can use your new HEX for freely! Afterwards immediately proceed with the next step.

How to invest your HEX for interest (like in the animation)

  1. Click on “Stake”.
  2. In the field “Stake Amount” you see your available HEX. Enter the same amount in the field.
  3. In the field “Stake Length in Days” enter the number of days you want to lock your HEX. The longer the duration, the higher your yield.
  4. Click the black field “STAKE” and in the new area the blue field “Confirm”.

You have done it! Within a minute you will see the statistics of your investment further down the page in the “Active Stakes” section. In the “Interest” column, for example, you can see how much interest your investment has already generated.

Attention: Stay away from the “End Stake” field as long as it is colored red and your savings contract is running!

HEX will be issued until December 2020. If you do not have HEX until then, you have to find traders who are willing to sell their HEX.

Every day you have the possibility to exchange intermediate currency to HEX. Just repeat Step 2: Convert normal money to HEX money.